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As a Coach or Chief Lifestyle Officer, our guidance is to benefit clients by simplifying life and focusing on what they want through the Family Game Plan process.

The Family Game Plan is an ongoing collaborative and customized Wealth Management Process that addresses the needs of valued clients with the goal of giving them what they want and deserve. The natural benefit results in a client’s happiness, confidence, and freedom to live the life they want. Clients who go through this process should feel proud that they have taken the right steps in preparation for any life transition for themselves and their families.

Our clients are a select group of serious, affluent, and loyal clients that are philosophically and demographically aligned with the service model. Successful families have proven to me the value of focusing on the most important aspects of their lives and strengths; while delegating to trusted partners.

Practice Specialties experience and research tells us what client's want. In almost all cases, clients desire to feel like their advisor cares and they want to receive a great service experience that includes the Wealth Management Model to serve their family through all of life’s ups and downs.

Wealth Management Defined - Click here for more information
By understanding clients through a discovery process, The Family Game Plan addresses vital client needs by breaking the Wealth Management Process into its core components:

  1. Investment Consulting is the number one concern of all clients; the need is implement proven and aligned asset allocation strategies to grow and preserve assets.
  2. Wealth Extension is about addressing income taxes and sequence of returns; where the latter is especially important within an Income Plan.
  3. Wealth Transfer is about applying the right strategies to transfer the wealth to the next generation
  4. Wealth Protection is implementing the right strategies so assets are not unjustly taken, such as transferring risk and other vital issues.
  5. Charitable Planning is a concern for many affluent clients; we can help clients walk through their potential options.
  6. Having a trusting and ongoing collaborative relationship and process helps us leverage a client's accountants, attorney(s), my Baird planning/estate specialists, or my professional network to understand the right strategies. Click here to learn more about the Wealth Management Process.

Our Primary Purpose

Philosophy and Core Beliefs:

The customized Family Game Plan is essential to Align your "Why" with actions that aid in managing investor emotion to mitigate small, medium, and large mistakes, resulting in a better outcome than the average investor.

Continuous education of clients and family members is very important! Click on Learning Center and Wealth Strategies for more information.

Client Centered

Investment Principles:

  1. Asset Allocation, Rebalancing, and Lifetime Returns are key factors affecting variability of investment returns.
  2. Income Buckets: Click here for more information.
    Part of the art of managing income/spending is achieved by Aligning portfolio with the "when" the income is needed and to Stretch Risk over time.
  3. Managing Behavior: Faith, Discipline, and Patience are required to achieve goals and life time returns which results in better outcomes than the average investor.
  4. Up and Down of the market does NOT equal Risk unless you React to it.
  5. Invest in High Quality Firms that are strong and make more money over time.
  6. View Results over 5, 10, 20, and 30 year periods.

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